Welcome to my art blog, friends. How the heck did you even manage to end up here.

All credit goes to my wife

Most people online would know me as RougeCrown, self-titled digital doodler based at the small red-dot island nation of Singapore. I also proudly proclaim (in 2017, so yes, quite recent) that I like to draw either cute girls, or monstrous monsters. And every time I make a new piece, you have a 50/50 chance of seeing either (sometimes both).

This blog is created in 2016 as a way for me to record my art journey. Like any other artists, I’m deeply insecure about my creations. By writing out my thoughts, exposing my art to the world, I hope to get more comfortable with my own characters and coming to term with who I am as an artist.

Beside this blog, you can also find my profile on other pages as well (listed below). I want to extend my reach to all corners of the digital art realms, simply because I just love digital arts so damn much.

My profile on  Instagram

My profile on DeviantArt

My profile on ArtStation

My gallery on ProCreate forum

If you are a kind soul who wants to support me on my artistic journey, consider buying me a coffee. It would mean SO MUCH to me.

By the way, I do accept commissions so feel free to hit me up at rougecrown@icloud.com if you ever want to own a piece painted by yours truly. It’s fine if you just want to chat, I won’t bite.


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