Drawing mech and playing Final Fantasy XII

“Rin’s Attempt” – I personally feel sorry for the smaller bot.

So, I have spent around 30 hours with Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age in the last week or so, and that game aged like fine wine. Adding a speed-up mode only makes it better, as it makes traversing through the game’s vast landscape a much easier task to swallow.

Meanwhile – here’s “Rin’s Attempt”. I came up with the idea relatively fast, but the rendering kind of took forever for some reason. I guess i’m just too spoiled by the Ipad Pro and drawing on the big tablet is a bit of a pain in the arse.


“Kitty” timelapse

Finished this piece this morning on the ride to work. It’s amazing what you can do with Procreate and an ipad pro + pencil.

While posting this, I kept thinking – if only humanity could put behind the hatred for each other and focus on technological development, we could have had cute kitty robot girls by now.

Timelapse for this painting is posted after the image.

Suntouched #5 and other sketches

Suntouched #5

I started a bunch of character design this week to bring myself out of the comfort zone. After a while though, it got a bit tiring and I found myself coming back to drawing potrait to wind down.

Started this piece a long time ago as a one-time sketch, but decided to add some colours and I quite enjoy how it turned out. As you can see from the following timelapse, though, I did spend a while redrawing her face since I wasn’t really satisfied with it.

Another piece that I started last week is “Kitty” – here’s a sneakpeek:

She will claw her face out with those mechanical fingers

All in all, hanging in there.