Unlimited Intober Works (inktober #2)

More Inktober. I seem to be drawing a lot of weird shits lately.

One of the rule that I kind of have for myself in this Inktober is to “not censor my instinct”. That is to say – If i so much as to sketch out a gesture of an idea in my mind, I will force myself to flesh out that sketch instead of erasing it or move on to a new sketch.

That’s what gives rise to 07 Psycho Blades. Creepy bastard.

Sketchy sketchy sketchy

I have been sketching a lot this weekend on my sketchbook, which is a really good thing.

Since i have been focusing wayyyy too much on digital painting techniques and mentalities, it seems that I have forgotten how fun pencil can be as a medium. Sure it’s still painful to keep my hand clean from the graphite, and pencil smearing is a pain in the ass – but pencil is REALLY fun.

Not to mention my Staedtler pencil is really sexy and is a joy to use.

Look at this sexy beast