“Taco Girl”, and weekly post

Honestly, I hate writing blog.

Ok, hate is a strong word to use, but I don’t particularly enjoy the act of writing due to the lack of time or whatever reasons I can conjure up at the moment.

However, since I am paying a GRAND TOTAL OF 30 BUCKS every year to keep my blog hosted, I should make the best out of it – or that’s what I convinced myself to do anyway.

Henceforth, I aim to update my blog once every week, ideally during the weekend. The weekly post will contain some works that I have done throughout the week, and maybe, perhaps, contain something either meaningful or entertaining.

To start off with the fist post – I created something interesting this week.

Taco Girl

My friend tasked me with the challenge of changing a food photo into something – and so I obliged. I must admit that the challenge turned out to be much more interesting than I originally thought. I think the point of the challenge is to look at the original image in big shape, and try to conjure up some kind of interesting composition out of it – all the while using the original colours that were set with the photo.

All in all, it was fun. And I needed as many reasons I could find to draw on my big XP-pen tablet. (been spending too much time with my ipad pro lately, the XP-pen is a bit lonely and upset)

That’s it. See you next week.



“Princess of the deep”

Painted this piece on my iPad Pro to celebrate Mermay. I have always loved mermaid, so it’s just a really fun piece to do. 

Here’s the WIP timelapse video, might be fun for you guys to watch. 

“Her Morning Glory” – 2017

Her morning glory.jpg

To kickstart my series of posts about paintings I have done this year, I decided to start with “Her Morning Glory”. I think it is one of the pieces that solidify the notion of “hey I think i like my art better this year” in my mind.

Drew this piece from start to finish on my trusty Ipad + Pencil combo in a coffee shop. I based the character off an image of a Korean girl whom I saw online. Just loved her makeup, hair colour and the whole fairy vibe that she has.

Nothing is better than getting ready for a long day ahead with a good cuppa.

Here’s the timelapse video that has been exported out from ProCreate.