“Princess of the deep”

Painted this piece on my iPad Pro to celebrate Mermay. I have always loved mermaid, so it’s just a really fun piece to do. 

Here’s the WIP timelapse video, might be fun for you guys to watch. 


Kind Kitana

The name is lame (not up to me), but it’s quite a fun warmup piece. The new brushes from Goro Fujita makes it really fun to sketch. I think i miss that about digital painting :).

Overall just a fun drawing to get me started.


“Stone Demon”

“Stone Demon”

This piece started off as a sketch on my iPad using ProCreate. After a long time of not touching it, I finally found some time to finish it during the weekend.

The stone demon does not refer to the gigantic creature, but the girl herself. She’s supposed to be the incarnation of the evil earth spirit, and can conjure up ominous stone creatures using her blood.

Or something along that line.

I change the girl’s hair from red to blue because I think that might add an interesting twist to the image (And also some nice contrast too).

Overall, I do like how this piece turns out. It’s the first piece that I fully use the capability of Photoshop as a digital painting medium and not limit myself to just using the brush tool. I have learned a lot from painting using primitive digital tools in Procreate, and i guess now I’m ready for more full-scale photoshop pieces.