“Kitty” timelapse

Finished this piece this morning on the ride to work. It’s amazing what you can do with Procreate and an ipad pro + pencil.

While posting this, I kept thinking – if only humanity could put behind the hatred for each other and focus on technological development, we could have had cute kitty robot girls by now.

Timelapse for this painting is posted after the image.

“Her Morning Glory” – 2017

Her morning glory.jpg

To kickstart my series of posts about paintings I have done this year, I decided to start with “Her Morning Glory”. I think it is one of the pieces that solidify the notion of “hey I think i like my art better this year” in my mind.

Drew this piece from start to finish on my trusty Ipad + Pencil combo in a coffee shop. I based the character off an image of a Korean girl whom I saw online. Just loved her makeup, hair colour and the whole fairy vibe that she has.

Nothing is better than getting ready for a long day ahead with a good cuppa.

Here’s the timelapse video that has been exported out from ProCreate.